Our lining equipment insert hermetic seals in caps from reel liner or pre-cut liners. We have different models of machines that adapt to every production needs, such as: Cutting Power, Production Rate, Sizes and Shapes of caps. AUTING Cap Lining Machines are appropriated to operate in production lines at a rate of 4000 to 60000 caps per hour and are capable to process caps from 8 to 140 mm diameter.

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Machine Model
Cycles/minute (Max.)
Ø Capacity (1-up)
#-up (Max.);
Liner Type
65 mm
Foam, HDPE, Aluminum
65 mm
2 of Ø28mm
All types of liner
130 mm
5 of Ø23mm
All types of liner
140 mm
6 of Ø28mm
All types of liner
135 mm
All types of liner
70 mm
All types of liner

Our Cap Lining Machines can be supplied with two liner cut technologies:

Seal cut through dies with cutting tools and introducers (#-up)

This is the most conventional and well-known system of cutting and inserting seals into the cap. Depending on the model, our equipment can work from 1-up to 6-up die set. 

Seal precut through rotary cutting system

This method, usually preferred for polyethylene seals which are inserted in beverages caps, guarantees a cap free from polyethylene particles. Such particles are generated in the cutting process. It is important to consider that the amount of debris generated is higher in low density or low quality liners

This Rotary cutting system eliminates almost 100% of the dust since it uses a compression type of cut instead of the traditional cutting tool.

The seals are pre-cutted on the liner band in the Rotary cut module outside the lining module. After the pre-cut, the band passes through an ionization and dust remover tunnel, heading to the cap lining module where the cap is processed. By this way, we avoid any particle, which results from the cutting process, gets in contact with the cap.

The tooling changes in both options are simple, fast and precise. The machine operator will perform the changeover in no more than 30 minutes.

AUTING Cap Lining Machines can cut or insert different disk configurations, such as:

  • Round,
  • Tri-tab & Four-tab,
  • Pull-tab,
  • Sensitive Seal,
  • Donut type,
  • Double Lining.

We have Assembly & Lining Machines in which both processes are done in one module. Such as the Assembly & Lining Machine for Childproof Caps (CRC).

If it is required, Auting can provide a Vision Inspection Module for the inspection and control of defects that are considered necessary. To achieve this, we have the knowhow of the application and have developed useful tools that guarantee a correct inspection.

General Characteristics

Auting Lining machines have all the control elements to guarantee 100% non-defective pieces in their production. We are also specialists in handling high quality closures on which lack of scratches is a key requirement. Our equipment not only meets the strictest quality standards but are also designed for easy use and low maintenance.

Additional Applications for Cap Lining Processes

  • Double Roll Liner Unwinder,
  • Scrap Liner Rewinder,
  • Scrap Liner Cutter/Chopper Unit,
  • Ionization System and Vacuum Aspiration,
  • Shifting Box (Single Level or Double Level)

Technical Characteristics

  • High Precision Synchronized Mechanic Equipment with robust design under CE or UL Standards
  • Feeding Peripheral Systems:
    • Hoppers (elevator or vibratory)
    • Feeders (rotary or vibratory)
  • Cutting Die Set with Introducers or Rotary Cutting Tool and Introducers.
  • Fast Tooling Changeover
  • Fast Roll Changeover
  • Roll Feeders with Touch Screen Electronic Liner Band Advance System
  • Internal heavy welded frame. The machine is covered with safety guards with aluminum profiles and stainless steel plates with hinged doors.
  • The equipment has a heavy synchronous indexed mechanism composed by an indexing rotary table, motorized by a globic indexed cam box to transport the caps, and other heavy transmission for the rest of the process.
  • The equipment has a rotary interchangeable table with perimeter nests. Likewise, all parts in contact with the piece are in stainless steel or in aluminium alloy with hardness anodize surface treatment
  • Stainless steel cover slab in operation area.
  • All other parts of the main module are in stainless steel - including the conveyors.
  • Centralized fitting manual lubricator system.
  • Pneumatic clutch and brake.
  • Safety Guard with Electrically Interlocked Doors

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