Taking advantage of the engineering, experience and know-how about feeding and handling systems, we are good to provide following equipment to the packaging lines:

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Unscrambler and handling system

Auting introduce the New AUM Line, machines that guarantee great performance by the time of unscrambling bottles or packaging, no matter shape or size.
Useful for household, personal care, pharmaceutical and cosmetic bottles. 

  • These machines can be adapted to any filling line, so you can take advantage of it performance.
  • Structural frame made of stainless steel AISI 304,
  • Covered with AISI 304 frosted panels,
  • Shuttle components, pulleys and tension bands,
  • Strips for regulation Easy Setup,
  • Security coverage,
  • Main command panel and emergency stop,
  • All securities to work online.

Lineal with bands

A rotary feeder pre-orientates the containers and loads a band conveyor that orientates them one behind the other feeding an exit conveyor.
All the equipment are adjustable to different sizes with no tooling changes required and could orientate containers with very different shapes.
All the regulations are done very fast and in a very friendly way.
The maximum speed of these Unscramblers is 400 bottles per minute, depending on the size and shape of the bottle.
All the Unscramblers are supplied with its hopper elevators.

Puckers and depuckers system

Filling & capping bottles in pucks is growing in recognition that it is by far the best way to minimize changeover times. The changes of bottles size can be done in less than five minutes. Auting designs and manufactures these systems to meet individual customer requirements. With our equipment, Filling and Capping Lines are more than complete. They are Productive.
Key Benefits:

  • Reduce time consumed by adjustments required when changing from one sized bottle to another.
  • Recover the time caused by errors in setting.
  • Increase line speeds as a result of improved container stability.
  • Ease operator fatigue with easier co-ordination from equally spaced containers.
  • Improved quality of finished product.
  • Easy to operate & maintain.
  • Handles a wide range of container sizes without the need for change parts.
  • 0 - 150 bottles per minute. 

Capping machinery

With the New ACM Line Auting reset into the industry of capping machinery for the cosmetic, housekeeping, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.
Our equipment could be indexed rotary machines for low production, or rotary continuous motion machines for bigger production up to 300 bpm.
The main characteristics of Auting cappers are the following:

  • Heavy duty machines, synchronic mechanisms,
  • Welded under main frame, complete manufactured in stainless steel, and other parts with Nickel Catalyst Treatment,
  • Easy changeover ON/OFF, 
  • Rotary turrets with automatic height control,
  • Screw Rotary Capping Machines or Pressure Capping Machines,
  • Quality Magnetic heads that guarantee torque repeatability,
  • Servo-Assisted Motor System Screw Device, 
  • Smooth handling of caps, mainly for cosmetic products.
  • Complete automatic cap feeding system integrated from hopper elevator from 250 lts to 1000 lts capacity for more autonomy.
  • Linear vibratory track, band conveyor or fluidized air conveyor are used to place the cap on the nest for the rotary star wheel. 
  • Manufactured under CE rules

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