Dear Auting Customers,

We have to inform that regarding the new national directives and with the aim of slowing down the contamination of Covid-19, our national government has decided to put the whole country under lockdown.

We will be closed temporarily from 20/03/2020 until 12/04/2020.

Many of the production, administrative, technical assistance, shipping and material reception activities will be suspended until the dates indicated above.

Any question or problem the whole company will be available to try to solve it through from their remote locations.
We hope you understand that the priority is the national health of the country and the people working at AUTING

Our contacts are:

Martin Amado – Sales Manager (+54) 911-3000-0019 /
Carlos Ocampo – Latam Sales Manager (+54) 911-6464-1996 /
Leandro Genovesio – Eng dept (+54) 911-65844934 /
Fernando Leguizamon – Eng dept. (+54) 911-6978-0054 /
Mauro Muñoz – Production Manager (+54) 911-5121-8615 /
Claudia Sobico – Financial Dept (+54) 911-6464-1998 /
Paula Torti – Marketing Dept (+54) 911 6875-0676 /